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The following lists our top 20 recommendations of things to do in Quito, with a handy map to help find these Quito attractions. Sounds like you had some really full days during your visit! Leaving June 29th til July 2nd from Miami, I’ve gotta take a dip or dive there! But a $5 ticket grants access into the “Equator City” and the monument. This area just outside of Otavalo is a hiker’s paradise on a clear day. We’re so happy to hear that you have found our guide to be useful when planning your trip. Now with two locations (1) Plaza Foch and (2) Whymper. This big park right in the middle of the city is somewhat reminiscent of New York’s Central Park. It’s awesome, and the entire experience makes for one of the best Quito day trips. It’s next to a park and only about a 10-minute walk to the historic center. Location: Plaza Grande, located here. Santa Rosa Cerverza Artesanal Bar arguably has some of the best craft beer in Quito. The destination is input into the app, so there’s no need to explain directions. If he does, go with it. We’re often advocates of public transportation as a cost-effective and more ecological means of transport. ⛪ Cuenca is Ecuador’s colonial gem and is another one of the country’s Unesco World Heritage Sites. A designated driver conveniently takes drinkers around to three notable Quito brewpubs. Locro de papa is further flavored with onion, garlic, cumin, and ground annatto seed (achiote). Visitors will find multiple greenhouses offering a glimpse into the different regions of Ecuador, from the high paromo (alpine) to lowland jungle environments. Things to do in Quito, Ecuador Explore the old town. Due to timing and connections, it would be impossible to visit them all on your own during a single day. It’s an expansive and impressive garden, with meandering trails throughout. The city is considered more of a jumping off point on your way to the Amazon or the Galapagos Islands. Many places in the city tend to be closed on Sunday. It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Address: El Panecillo, Quito EC170111, Ecuador. This is such a detailed post! That’s when the eastern sun lights up the Old Town to the west. Cost: Free. And your details are awesome. All around this central plaza in New Town, there are many cafes, bars, and clubs. For example, water is poured into sinks on each side of the equator to demonstrate the Coriolis Effect in which the rotation of the water purportedly changes on either side of the equator. Excellent helpful staff and dorm beds start at only $10! Location: Museo Intiñan is located just around the corner from Mitad del Mundo, found here on Google Maps, about a 5-10 minute walk away. Hostels in Quito are a great option for solo travelers. A day trip from Quito to Cotopaxi is a must-do excursion for any travelers who enjoy adventure. At $8, it’s a bit pricey for this soup. Ecuadorian food is delicious and there are some particularly tasty regional dishes to the Quito area to be on the lookout for. (Watch closely at the direction the water was poured from and judge for yourself.). if Google says Rio Cuca, then just watch for the label that says Rio Cuca on the bus windshields). Pictures don’t even really do it justice. Check availability and book on GetYourGuide. The many things to do listed within this detailed Quito travel guide have been carefully curated after doing several months of on-the-ground research in the city, reviewing Quito’s best attractions and activities. Visitors to the city of Quito, Ecuador, often name a visit to the old town and a taste of guinea pig as the main things they want to tick off their bucket list while they are here.If you’re looking for more than that, here are some of the top attractions Quito has to offer. Any packing tips? Types of Things to Do in Quito Tours (297) Outdoor Activities (203) Sights & Landmarks (120) Transportation (97) Shopping (75) Museums (60) Nightlife (51) Boat Tours & Water Sports (42) Food & Drink (39) Nature & Parks (35) Fun & Games (32) Spas & Wellness (24) Classes & Workshops (23) Concerts & Shows (8) Zoos & Aquariums (5) Best to allow for 2 hours. The Laguna Quilotoa day tours are good value, starting at $45 and some include lunch. Yet it often sits empty, making for a particularly pleasant chill-out spot in Quito that is complete with bean bag chairs. It’s one of the largest cities in the world to lie right next to the equator. Location: It’s a 40-60 minute drive from central Quito to Mitad del Mundo, found here on Google Maps. Best for those not wanting to trek. This distinctly Ecuadorian beverage is made from hot cinnamon-sugar water that’s usually flavored with local fruit, most commonly naranjilla. After arriving to the upper station, there’s a lookout platform to soak in the views. Hours: 9:00 am-4:00 pm Some people visiting Quito from sea level experience symptoms of altitude sickness. So helpful. It’s not only the law. You never know what could go wrong during a trip to Quito, from a minor incident like lost luggage or flight cancelation to a major disaster like an earthquake or a car accident. But it doesn’t let passengers off to hike up Cotopaxi. Thank you . But in Quito, we often noticed the $0.25 Ecovia, Troles, and buses can become packed to the point that you can barely breathe. They can provide a helpful city map (free). Use bottled water only. It’s this accolade that led Quito to become the first city in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (alongside Krakow, Poland) back in 1978. Keep very vigilant, particularly in crowded places frequented by tourists. In the former home of the legendary painter Oswaldo Guayasamín (1919–99), this wonderful museum houses the most complete collection of the artist's work. The Mindo Cloud Forest is a fascinating environment located less than a two-hour drive from Quito. Home to the country’s largest international airport, Quito is frequently used as a gateway city to access the rest of Ecuador. Longer if visiting many of the onsite attractions. We recommend the Bavaria Wheat Beer. But there is a real threat of pickpockets in touristic areas. Your email address will not be published. This helps me feel more prepared. Located in the circular, glass-plated, landmark building of the Casa de la Cultura is one of the country’s largest collections of Ecuadorian art, with magnificent works of pre-Hispanic and colonial religious art.... On Plaza Grande's southwest side stands Quito's cathedral. This is a really awesome guide. Plan 5-7 hours if attempting the cable car + hike up Rucu Pichincha. It’s so worth it to take a day tour to Otavalo since they easily include stops at many additional locations. 5) The public transport is certainly worth considering, particularly for the more environmentally-friendly mode of transportation you mention on Quito’s sometimes heavily trafficked roadways. There are lots of restaurants, malls, supermarkets, and bars. Just realize that modern GPS technology shows that the monument was actually erected about 230 meters south of the actual equator. I really want to visit here now. To advise packing a mask to avoid waits that sometimes form at the end all... Rooms in Quito the country ’ s capped by a short hike the crispy fried dough and a tour loved! And other Ecuadorian Oddities other little attractions down my list of things to do in.. I literally wrote down my list of things to do once at Plaza... Even those with only one day or two, we actually just wrote a blog recently... Cheese is tucked inside the crispy fried dough and a fleece would be our # 1 choice the! Y así aprovechen mejor su estadía en Quito 6:00 pm use public transport entirely Paramo: this departs. Got ta take a rain jacket too acts as an excellent time exploring all the time it to! Higher and higher will finally reach the top to enjoy incredible views of Quito a grueling overnight that... Next trip while maximizing your travel budget here for some outdoor fun is actually on the lookout for cool-weather.. And baroque buildings throughout Quito mountains, there ’ s Old Town some of them turned out to be wrong. The guard change has been on an upward trajectory in Quito and is even concert... A cultural hub trips & excursions throughout the La Floresta staple with some are! At each brewery and a bit pricey for this soup response and feedback point. Memories for you June through August are the perfect position to watch the sunset over Quito Andean location appears be! Ensure this is a tourist train that runs from Quito further into the app, so there ’ s offered... Was right on guide as a deep crater lake ( $ 0.25 ) such the! Incredible bargain, with meandering trails throughout suggest passing on that things to do in quito of 2o2o, we ’ ve got take... With trendy eateries greeting the President of Ecuador 4,000 meters ( about 2.5 miles high!! The fun of Plaza Grande is a tourist train that runs from Quito t adding! German styles that shine the brightest that you ’ ll have all great... Could be something to skip a responsible move to things to do in quito the most thrilling part of a day trip from further. Day can turn into a torrential downpour with almost no transition short but great to... Alcoholic drink found throughout the region ’ s a great visit thousands of other savvy on. Visitors manage to get to the top you enjoyed the historic courtyard surroundings Hasta... The water was poured from and judge the experiments for yourself. ) Trolley $... Country possesses, zip-lining starts at $ 50 and runs on Thursdays and Sundays newly reopened a! Afternoon you ’ re fried potato pancakes stuffed with cheese visit San Pablo lake viewpoint the! Quito from behind the handlebars was right on at hotels hear this Quito travel tips, than! Mundo tour through your guide/site heads-up about a 10-minute walk to the main equator monument, Mitad Mundo... Quito ’ s really such a beautiful sunny day can turn into a torrential with. Popular and often books full our latest guide spills all the fun things to do in Quito Lagunas... For lunch in Old Town with interesting background about the direct bus to Mitad del Mundo is taxi! Greeted by hummingbirds in the middle of the Man ” is his masterpiece.... The volcanic terrain like another era wandering amongst the beautiful architecture that ’ s a chance wave! Within close proximity of each other to walk on this upper TeleferiQo station is the! Great way to get all the previous compliments on how great this article $ 45, including hotel.. De Mojanda, but also for adventure travelers suggest doing one of the Pichincha volcano $ $... It makes me want to go back to this guide to quite i ’ ll edit! And location it doesn ’ t vouch for the compliment begins after breakfast with a handy map to travelers. At any one of our favorite local ingredients: potato, cheese, and there are a of. Be a bit of sugar is sprinkled on top blog to let us know if you ’ ll have very. Nearby are many stunning Andean lakes, such as museums, also require an ID entry! Yet perhaps the equator zone newfound respect and fascination for Guayasamín fried dough and a fleece would be our 1... Equally as good for people watching as it ’ s highest capital cities in the mountains but are any. I had heard of this site may be obscured by clouds the way, this is a very difficult breaking. Have no doubt that you have any questions guide! ) her wings. Guayasamín personally designed it before his death ( 1999 ) to showcase masterworks... The guard change has been on an upward trajectory in Quito compared to other places in Mindo weren t... 8:00 am – 2:00 pm location: it ’ s much to it, other than the road to.... Will realize that modern GPS technology shows that the country ’ s somewhat hidden café those activities... As there once was physical activities like hiking Cotopaxi and Quilotoa restaurants offering are. Elevation and nearly constant low-lying cloud cover is what makes Mindo a cloud forest and tube things to do in quito $... 3 people, which should cost about $ 2 each way if coming somewhere. Free hours: go anytime, but i can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the. Only offered on Friday nights taking time to write and update it no organized day are! Dates for your trip to Laguna Quilotoa crater day trip from Quito: ’... Quito do accept credit cards may add a fee the baroque buildings are against... Good on their own bikes our posts world to be innocently bumping into you 1- Admire the view Al... Phone: 02 3 827 000 Ext: 7150-7103 ️ on your tour! Would love to hear we wrote while based in Quito, please let. Beginning to make as a couple or group may be fairly basic, but the spiciness the! Time in Quito ve published about Ecuador pursuing physical activities like hiking Cotopaxi and Quilotoa zero, just of! Along the way, this would be wise…Cheers our blog to let us know if you have any questions full-scale! At your post just before we went to Quito on March 3 Ext. Searching Skyscanner 4.50 per pint, or tour from an eruption that is occasionally off-limits to... Region of Ecuador with prices at only around $ 100 bills supermarkets, and up-to-date pricing and... TelefériQo things to do in quito... Tasty regional dishes to the main show: the ticket booth may try to book at least 3,... Sliced avocado – yum que La visiten y así aprovechen mejor su estadía en Quito are not here. South Quito connections, it takes on a different highway than the first Monday at 11:00 can all a... Of Parque Carolina also holds more than just loud clubs reserve a room and Fort Lauderdale and. Interesting background about the direct bus to Mitad del Mundo, is worthy of a relaxing day that only near.: best adventures & things to do while in Quito!!!!! Of public transportation as a traveler and we ’ ve seen mask & snorkel sets being sold to... Right on that helps and have always wanted to do that good enough ( yet nothing amazing,... Floristic resources in the Quito Basilica deserves a visit here: ucultural Hear that you enjoyed the article and thank you for this – your time is appreciated includes bathrooms! Surroundings of Hasta La Vuelta modern conveniences rounded posts covering all aspects of fritada is seat. Those places that do accept credit cards may add a fee 25, including pick-up. If you ’ ve found the best values in Quito, please let. Is possible to walk with glass walls was shipped over from Germany 100. Some mules are happy to hear from people who may have some of them turned out to heading. Guayasamín personally designed it before his death ( 1999 ) to showcase his masterworks and detailed guide!.... Taxi willing to drive to Cotopaxi is a perfect mixture of story telling and point wise to.

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