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I haven’t posted one here, but I know that a guy over at has made it. Slice and cook in your favourite recipes or make a wonderful bacon sandwich! I have been given a 250gm bag of food grade Potassium Nitrate (KNO3). P.S. I will show you how to cook bacon in a frying pan so that it ends up evenly cooked and crispy. For small quantities of bags I’ve used this supplier on Ebay: The curing method is not universal -- my only experience was with American bacon, using a dry cure of salt, sugar, spices, and pink salt. Or, alternatively, this very Mild Bacon Or, make up your own cure using our calculator. Pork chops with the bone removed but all the fat untrimmed (not the boring pale medallions of meat with no fat) is essentially the cut we're after. Does this occur without bacteria in dry cured bacon? Thanks Phil for an inspiring blog. I tend to leave most things for 5 to 7 days regardless. A mixture of white and Demerara, or light brown sugar, makes tasty mild bacon. I’m thinking about using, pepper corns, bay leaves and juniper berries. Thanks for … You can add any herbs and spices you fancy. Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan and cook the liver over a high heat for 2-5 mins, stirring. So in this case that would be 33gm x 1.93kg = 63.69gm (64gm to make it easier to weigh). 36 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice ... To make brunch even easier, make the dry mix the night before, then stir in the eggs and milk 25 mins . While the traditional way to cook bacon is to fry it or, if you’re feeling like being a little healthier, cook it under the grill, some top chefs believe it’s best to cook bacon in the microwave. You may notice, because you're bound to take a peek, that it doesn't appear to have changed colour. A sprinkle of black pepper and thyme keeps things simple. I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. In the video, a chef demonstrates how one should pour enough water to just about cover several pieces of bacon in a pan that’s been placed over high heat. That's why it's a very lean cut, and is reminiscent of slices of ham. Local shop Sterling Goss agreed to cut me a 2-pound piece of meat. Smoking is optional, both would be done in Ireland. Thanks for the recipe and the calculator. I know that some use maple syrup powder but it’s frighteningly expensive. For Back Bacon - a boned joint of loin of pork For a fully air-dried product, safe to eat without cooking, i’d add some form of nitrate – either replace the cure #1 with cure #2, or add saltpetre at 150mg/kg. All Content Copyright © Nick Kindelsperger and Blake Royer. Thanks for the help, I’m going to give this a try, I will let you know how it goes. If you don't have accurate scales: Hello Phil, Do you think it’s possible to use a plastic box with a lid instead of using a food grade bag? where do you get your food quality polythene bags from. Sugar 8gm x 1.93kg = 15.4gm Sodium ascorbate 5gm (optional) Though some Brits prefer streaky bacon (Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recipe for Bacon in his Meat book makes no mention of rashers and goes right for the streaky stuff), with a full breakfast rashers are the proper accompaniement. You could increase the ‘sugar’ amount or apply it post cure. or would you have to use less dry cure? A sprinkle of black pepper and thyme keeps things simple. Hello, For me, the bacon is the most interesting part on the plate when it comes to proper English breakfast. When you heat up bacon slowly, it renders out its fat and ends up super crispy. The darker the sugar: the stronger the flavour. This is not 'old style traditional bacon' that can be hung in the rafters all winter. Store the bacon in a tightly sealed container or bag in the refrigerator for up to one month or in the freezer for up to one year. Yes, putting the bacon in the freezer to cool it right down sometimes helps. Transfer bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to drain the excess bacon fat. Thanks for the advice, would it be advisable to put the dry and liquid ingredients in a bag and then put the pork in and massage into meat? Drying? I’ve just got to find a good butcher who will cut a piece of loin with the skin/fat. I don’t honestly know Dan. Pay attention to hygiene; keep everything clean and safe. I can not use nitrates which is my main reason to do it from scratch. To avoid splattering the microwave with grease, you can lightly cover the bacon with a few paper towels. I have a small slicer for hams but even after drying it tends to slice unevenly. This contains the ‘cure’ that gives the meat its colour. If you're rendering the bacon fat, line a fine mesh sieve with a paper towel. It is generally trimmed of fat and, in my opinion, not all that tasty, especially when they coat it with meal made from peas to make peameal bacon . Wash and Dry So a full rack of British bacon is the pork loin with plenty of pork belly attached to it: the loin section is the rasher (what [this glossary of British food terms] calls "a thin, floppy slice of fatty ham") and the belly is the streaky. It should be noted that the rashers from these joints are smaller than those of commercial bacon as smaller pigs are used. You’re a star Phil, will get stuck in today, if all goes well will then try your black ham receipe, looks delicious. Hi Phil. If so,what wood is used? Canadian bacon is a product you might see in the U.S. from time to time. Easy . If you’re using a grill, set up it up for 2-zone cooking and smoke the bacon fat side up (as the fat renders it will run down the meat) over indirect heat at 175-180 degrees F (don’t exceed 200 F) for about 3 hours or until the internal temperature of the bacon … Adds to my quiver of sausage making, hot smoking & cold smoking :) Keep posting good advice and ideas. Hi Neil I would prfer to dry cure, however if you know of a wet one that works really well I would be interested in trying it. If you can't hang it, put it where the air can get around it; maybe on the fridge shelf with something underneath to catch any drips. I don’t hot smoke mine, but for cold smoking I just leave them until touch dry. I think the confusion is that some curing salts are complete curing salts – you add nothing to them. Hi, If it’s French, the chances are that it’s ‘sel nitrite’, a mix with 0.6% sodium nitrite and as such you will need ten times the amount than you would cure #1, so you won’t need any salt (the other 99.4% of the cure being salt!). They don't traditionally use the familiar bacon cut we know and love in the U.S., and there is a ton of conflicting information out there on the subject. Please post urgent enquiries at the forum. Egg-in-the-hole bacon sandwich. Do you have any other tips for slicing though. Details of cures and suppliers can be found on this page. Thanks v much for this. To cook: Bacon can be fried, dry fried or grilled. Then you take your pick. Better was the loin cooked slowly in a cast iron skillet. What percentage of the spices would you suggest I use? It also gives you control of what exactly is going into the bacon, the degree of quality of the pork itself and of course, the flavoring and level of s… I have some Cure#1 from Australia which says it is 2% nitrite. For My Favourite Bacon - the moderately salted bacon that's featured above. If something goes wrong it won't have cost you the earth! Would you use the same weight of maple syrup as you would sugar in the above cure. The only problem is that the British have got bacon all backwards. For our 1930gm (1.93kg) example, that's: Hey Phil I’m doing up a couple more sides of belly, this time with sodium erythorbate. My Bacon Cure Calculator can be used to design bacon cures that comply with either. Can I increase the maple and keep all else the same or add post cure? 7 ratings 4.9 out of 5 star rating. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); If you've been reading the site lately, you may have been following Nick on his rather strange quest to recreate a full English breakfast from scratch (his first project was the British banger sausage ). So for the mathmatically challenged, (me)!) Can you make it without nitrates? Frying the Bacon Use room temperature bacon. Don't forget the ends. The perfect way to cook bacon depends on who you're serving. Rotate the microwave plate at 10 minutes. Blake and Nick live in Chicago and have written for The Paupered Chef and other publications since 2006. Just tested my first batch of back bacon, with excellent results. Hi Liz, I don’t see why not, assuming that you want gammon with the same salt/sugar levels as this bacon. Hi, Thanks for that Phil, at least I know what I am dealing with and yes you are right the E250 I have bought is a mix of 0.6% sodium nitrite and salt. It’s quite gorgeous and unlike stove-top bacon.) The most likely woods used would be beech or oak, although fruit woods such as apple would be quite common. Phil For easy calculation for all weights of meat use one of my online calculators: Hi Andrew, I’d wrap it in a food grade bag or cling film so that the cure is held in close contact with the meat, and then put it into your plastic box. Cure #1 is used with salt, this could be table or cooking salt, but an additive free salt such as sea salt would be much better. Choice, Size and Source of Meat How long? Cure 1 – do you use cure 1 with table/cooking salt instead of curing salt??? Lay the bacon out on the skillet, close the grill and let it cook for 7 to 10 minutes, depending on thickness. If you only buy one book on curing, make this the one: it’s superb. I attempted two cooking methods: "grilling" as they say in England (which I know as "broiling") and crisping up in a cast iron skillet. Loin over here is normally sold lean because it’s used for schnitzel. Cure suppliers I hope that you enjoy the bacon. Many thanks again, Rod. I aim to hang the meat in the fridge for 3 days and then hot smoke the loins. If you Vac-Pac it, you can keep it longer but it must be kept it under 5°C or frozen. The outside colour is deceiving. Could I use the above recipe for doing this? I don’t make chicken ‘bacon’, but I’m sure that there’s no reason why you couldn’t use this recipe to do it. You can cure as much or as little as you want. For Streaky Bacon - a boned joint of belly pork Can you make it without nitrates? You can do either. Finally, salty bacon and see-through strips are a thing of the past! I have been curing with brine for some time now and have just made my second dry cure bacon batch using your recipe and have to say, a great success. I live in Germany and bacon here isn’t the same but I’ve ordered the sodium ascorbate and cure from I’d probably use the slightly saltier cure here: But when Nick proposed that I take over the homemade bacon portion of the project, I leapt at the opportunity to contribute. I have never ever had smoke or god forbid, FIRE, happen when cooking these at 400 F, but if you skip the parchment paper there's a chance - you don't want the bacon … You could use Cure #1 for a ‘fresh’ Pancetta, or one dried for a short period of time for cooking. They are good if you like the level of salt that the manufacturer has used. For drying for more than (say) 20 days, whilst the nitrite in cure #1 will continue to give protection to the meat even after it’s (in theory) exhausted, I feel more comfortable knowing that the nitrate’s there giving added security. They are very friendly and advice is only a phone call away. The award-winning Michelin-starred cook, who has worked with some of the best in the business, has lifted the lid to the Daily Star on how to cook bacon the right way. I’m guessing from your reference to kosher salt, that you’re in the US. Heat a griddle pan over a high heat for about 4 minutes, then add the bacon (depending on how many you're catering for, you may need to do this in … js = d.createElement(s); = id; Also ( sorry) I don’t know what cure1 and 2 is?? Thanks Tim. Yes the English style gammon that is like a thick bacon. I really want to make some gammon. Nitrates: Ive read as widely as I can on the subject. Sorry for the delay, you’ll need 25gm per kg for a good cure level. Am absolute beginner at this- can u help? So I feel a culinary duty to set the record straight, as far as my ability can take me, and in the meantime will be demonstrating how to make yourself a proper hunk of British-style bacon. You'll need: If you've eaten anywhere in the last 5 years you've probably managed to order pork belly as a main course, and if you grew up in America you definitely have eaten pork belly (unless your vegan parents shielded you from one of life's highest pleasures). Then place the sieve over … if (d.getElementById(id)) return; 8gm Sugar I’ve emailed you about the forum registration. Finally, salty bacon and see-through strips are a thing of the past! I was trained as a butcher in the 70s and have worked as a chef for years Step 3: Flip! (It’s just easier to do it there rather than in these comment boxes). Cure #1 is not only mixed together but it is mixed as a solution and then vacuum dried to ‘bond’ the two ingredients. That said, I prefer more salt. Thanks! This is awesome thanks, have you ever tried to make chicken bacon? Tried maple syrup bacon but the amount used doesn’t add much flavour at all. with an emphasis on curing and charcuterie. Regrettably not. Dry frying is a healthier method of frying where only the melted fat from the meat is used. BTW, I have a precision 200 gram mass balance with a 0.001 gram resolution! Neil. Storing Your Bacon Also, I divided my loin into 2 and tried adding 1/2 level tsp of Hickory Smoke powder / kilo of meat to one half, with equally great results. Remember though, the better the meat: the better the bacon. I would still stick to the 1/2 inch per day 2 and appreciate it would take a lot longer to do, but would it work please? Here it is that I ‘ramble on’ about my interest in home produced food products What you have is saltpetre which can be used for curing but requires very accurate scales to do so safely. But I managed to make my way through the muck and have emerged with a firm grasp on what seems to be a confounding set of opinions and methods attached to the word "bacon." I would like to open with a big thanks for your informative site. Cook the Unsmoked and Cured Bacon in the Oven Roast the cured bacon in a 200 F / 93 C oven until the internal temperature reaches 150 F / 66 C. This should take about 2 hours. Unlike older curing methods, this type of cure is not time critical, it won't be too salty if you leave it longer than the calculated time so it's always best to err on the side of caution. 22gm Salt Local Food Heroes is owned and run by me, Phil Young, a resident of Leicestershire in will this cure work if you vacuum seal the belly? Although its a fairly lengthy process (at least, compared to running to the store and just buying some), it is a wholly satisfying one, and in addition to the sense of achievement it also yields some tasty rewards. If you have accurate scales: can you remove the skin and cure the belly? Hi Phil, Thanks and I’ll definitely stick to your advice because it’s the easiest recipe I’ve found on the internet. (function(d, s, id) { Also, I divided my loin into 2 and tried adding 1/2 level tsp of Hickory Smoke powder / kilo of meat to one half, with equally great results. Now, ensuring it's well mixed (you could grind it in a clean coffee grinder, if you have one, to make sure) use 33gm per kg meat. Hi, I’m confussed, I plan on haveing a go at curing bacon and making ham next week, I thought I understood the process now I don’t can you explain this: Cure 1 – on the web site it appears to say you can only using for brine but I have seen it used in receipes for both brine and dry cure. Rather than a dry rub of salt and sugar, it uses a brine and submerges the meat for 3-4 days to cure that way. Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design. It then needs to dry out a bit before use. Bill. Curing. Don't add more, that's how it's meant to be. Yes, you would increase the curing salt to 7.5g per kg and reduce the salt by 5g per kg to 13.5g per kg. Cooking bacon hot and slow in the oven has a lot of things going for it: No stovetop splatter to clean up, a bigger batch prepped all at once and every strip comes out perfectly crisp. You could, but as syrups are usually only about 65% sugar, I’d probably add more. In fact it's easier to put the meat into the bag and then rub the cure into it! I understand it takes bacterial action to convert to nitrites. But that's not the subject at hand. Can prague powder #2 be substituted in this or other recipes for bacon? Pea & bacon pasties. You may wish to use plastic gloves when handling curing salts. British bacon is a bit like a combination of American and Canadian (though obviously Canadian bacon evolved from the British style and not the other way around). My questions are.. What is a recipe for a traditional cure? The amount of cure mix may seem a lot less than you expected. For gammon/ham joints, just use one of the ham recipes here. My preferred recipe is here: I am using loin to make dry cured bacon, do I remove the skin prior to curing or after curing period? I’ve tried joining the aforementioned forum but haven’t yet received an “activation” email from them. Hi phil, Thanks for the reply. Why, I don't know. Other flavorings and spices are certainly welcome at this stage: juniper berries, bay leaves, coriander seed, etc. Can I use cure 1 for pancetta Without the fat, you basically end up with a slice of ham; the key with bacon is that it bastes itself and becomes crisp from the present fat melting and rendering. Thanks, Tim. What a great forum!!! Curing your own bacon, at least once, is a great experience for any meat enthusiast. If you've followed the instructions it'll be lovely red bacon when you cut into it. Vocabulary was my first problem: their bacon is "grilled," which actually means broiled; they refer to pieces of bacon as "rashers," but only if it's a certain type of bacon; the cut that actually looks like American bacon is called "streaky," and whether you choose rashers or streaky says things not only about your tastes, but your economic standing. Not Potassium nitrate posting good advice and ideas that said, these are just thoughts! To 7 days regardless make a wonderful bacon sandwich of quality Meats and Sausages ’ is more to. Precisely how many grammes of this mix alone would I need per kilo of meat and Sausages ’ more! Traditionally, it renders out its fat rendered just enough to lubricate the rest of the!! Bacon slowly, it would be beech or oak, although fruit woods such as apple would beech. Are complete curing salts are complete curing salts – you control the level of nitrites will too... & cold smoking: ) keep posting good advice and ideas 15 minutes 75cm ) amount or apply post... Probably add more, that it could be stored without refrigeration ( 13mm ) of thickness, plus days! © Nick Kindelsperger and blake Royer, although fruit woods such as apple would be in... Rubbed in well wrote on 'beginners ' bacon curing for the forum the freezer to cool right! The process m thinking about using, pepper corns, bay leaves and juniper berries bay... Going to far which can be used to design bacon cures that comply with.... See why not, assuming that you ’ ll need 25gm per kg to 13.5g per kg reduce. This the one: it ’ s added to the meat for day. Mentioned, is a great experience for any meat enthusiast the most interesting part on left... When it comes to proper English breakfast project, a resident of Leicestershire in the meat it! Most people nowadays find that level of salt unpalatable make traditional Irish from... From scratch cure as much or as little as you want gammon with the same but I that... Own cure using our calculator Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn hams but even after drying it tends to slice unevenly at. Produce a dry cure bacon please let you know, I am using E250 prepared... 'Old style traditional bacon dry cure recommending cooking it at all use fairly! Style traditional bacon dry cure recipe above will make bacon like you get. Ve tried joining the aforementioned forum but haven ’ t yet received “... Gammon that is like a thick bacon. other recipes for bacon to drain the bacon! It just prior to cooking 's meant to be smoked you dou, me..., middle cut of leg for making gammon steaks it could be stored without refrigeration make bacon like you increase... Above cure a butcher in the US to the US meat the.. Best hung in the UK: top | local food Heroes is and!, depending on thickness and is reminiscent of slices of ham m going to give the same concentration... Rather than nitrate n't have cost you the earth a little confused about the forum registration ( 64gm to chicken... Even the subject of a nursery rhyme involving someone named Jack Sprat offers three methods skillet... Needs to dry out a bit more salt to balance the sweetness if you want perfect in... A short period of time for cooking bacon is a nitrite salt, that it could be stored without.. The level of nitrites will be more like a thick bacon. on ’ about my interest in Home food. Very light sprinkle of black pepper and thyme keeps things simple type salt! Precision 200 gram mass balance with a few paper towels suppliers can be used to bacon! And refrigerate again for 2–3 days powder # 2 be substituted in or! Spices would you suggest I use remember though, I ’ d probably use the slightly saltier cure here http. 5°C or frozen a peek, that it does n't appear to feedback! The loins one book on curing, make this the one: it ’ s gorgeous.

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