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I would love to make a personal weibo account, but since I am from Austria there isnt an Option for me :(. Wechat, can also be applied on Weibo to … keep that in mind. Especially popular among internationally-minded millennials, Weibo represents a powerful mass-marketing tool for foreign institutions to stay relevant and visible in Mainland China and drive traffic to their WeChat. Find out what it's like to work with us, and which positions are available now. There's not such a thing as a Weibo company account. Weibo Post Exposure. Sina Weibo is one of the most famous social media platforms in China. Drive quality leads with an end-to-end Chinese B2B marketing solution. Later on, we suggest organising giveaways or other online events to encourage users to interact with your posts and increase visibility. Enter the phone number or email you’ve used for creating Weibo account, Note: If you’re oversea users, you might need to add 00+region code+ your phone number. This is not meant for foreigners unless you are Pepsi Co. (than even them, they are not foreigners currently because they also set a corp there). Help!! I'm not sure there's much you can do. However, the verification in Weibo is a long way to go. Can I create Weibo in my country? Another reason to run a Weibo account is if you plan on hiring in China. Users are less likely to trust unverified accounts and you can expect copycat accounts to appear as well. Do you know why this is required when we originally choose to use email to sign up? Please help me. my name is Jean-Charles, I'm French and I have created a company based in Hong Kong (Fayuzenmeshuo Limited), and a website ( for Chinese people to learn or/and improve their French. SCENARIO 1: Verifying an account as a local company, zero cost to set up. I’ve tried using Facebook to register, but that also did not work, and I was unable to go through QQ either, having run into the same issue with my number not working. There are some instruction of Weibo verification that saves twists and turns! The documents, such as an application letter or a Weibo community convention etc., are usually prepared by an agency that assists with the account verification. Email: Enter your email address. Where are you located? Jean-Charles Margnac. It’s a good way to promote business in China. The account is handed over to you (unless you choose to have it managed by us). The setup of an account is always free, and as for company verification, it is 300 CNY/year for Chinese businesses and 1,000 USD/one-time for foreign businesses. You can find the most trending topics on there. After Evan Williams After verifying, you might be required to complete your personal information, such as your nickname, gender, birthday, and location. For the company who owns the Chinese business licence, the registration takes around 1 week; for the oversea company, the process would take about 2 weeks. Could see How to create a new Weibo account here, … Currently, almost all Weibo accounts (except in some specific industries) can apply to launch “Fan Connect” advertising on Weibo. Fill out your profile. Launched by Sina Corporation on 14 August 2009, it is one of the biggest social media platforms in China, with over 445 million monthly active users as of Q3 2018. If you can provide us with all the required documents immediately, the whole process can be completed in approximately 10 working days.. We have our own contacts within Sina and as we have extensive experience working with them, it would be a little bit faster than if you approached Sina yourselves. It is also about reliability. However, I was unable to receive a verification code via email. Step 1 - Go to Weibo. Actually, you don’t need to think of that. Your email address will not be published. You should be able to register using your e-mail address. If your B2B company is in a “young” industry, then it is worth considering Weibo as almost everyone (below a certain age) has an account. The hashtag #Gavin Thomas# (in China, # is before and after the word) appears over 11.6 million times on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. Could he help me out? If you tried your Austrian number and it didn't work, there are two options: I was able to FINALLY login to Weibo using my WeChat. At that time, I had a dozen followers by default. Today, opening a WeChat Official Account, also known as WeChat Business Account, is much easier for a foreign company. I'm from Pakistan, can I sign up if I don't have phone number of a country listed in the phone number section? Actually, sign up Weibo account is pretty easy as long as you go to the right sign-up page. Could you please email us at There’s also a VIP upgrade that can be added to any of the aforementioned accounts. Is there anything else I could try? Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. but you just can’t try too many times in a short time. A: No, companies that hold a Hong Kong business license will be regarded in the same way as those with foreign business licenses. Send over the signed forms and other necessary documents. I’ve been trying to register on Weibo for a few days now, but I cannot seem to receive an SMS verification code. 1. Weibo is a microblogging in China, you can post your blog on there, which means you can post text, video, images on there. Once you sign up Weibo with email, then this … For companies that are completely new in China, you should register a new foreign business account. Beijing Weibo Internet Technology Co., Ltd. 京网文〔2020〕4754-886号 京ICP备12002058号 Weibo used to be the one-and-only social platform in China - it has since been overshadowed by WeChat and newer entrants such as Toutiao or Douyin. My Weibo account, for example, is set up with my WeChat account, which is registered with my Polish number. Please advice. A: There are additional costs if you want to launch the VIP feature, and run paid ad campaigns. Wiki is a Sinology department graduate from Poland, exploring China and its culture with an open mind and sharing what she has learnt with all of you. Weibo is known to remove accounts for being controversial or expressing unpopular opinion. Build a following on WeChat, Weibo and Douyin. email, SMS and QR code. Hope that will be helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or comment below. If you don’t add 00+region code, your phone number will be recognized as a … It’s often called the “Chinese Twitter”, but it’s actually more versatile. China Wire WeChat ID: ChinaWire Daily lunch time updates of general news and articles of interest to foreigners … Here’s how I became one of the most influential foreigners on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, and how I died on it. Why would I say that? This is especially powerful in a country where consumers are so sceptical of businesses. It is entirely different to register and verify a Weibo account as a foreign business than a local one registered in China. With 497 million monthly active users (as of September 2019), Weibo is one of our most recommended platforms for clients. Modi was among a handful of foreign leaders with a Weibo account. There are broadly three scenarios for foreign companies to obtain enterprise (brand) Weibo account verification. It is for Weibo VIP Membership Account Upgrade Sina Weibo (NASDAQ: WB) (新浪微博) is a Chinese microblogging (weibo) website. If you want to promote your business, then Weibo would be a highly recommended tool. In short, there is no reason for you not to set up a company account. I set up my account in April 2011. 2. 中国,中国香港,中国台湾,中国澳门, US, Canada, Brazil 巴西, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, England, France, Russia, India, Thailand, Italy 意大利, Spanish 西班牙, Indonesia 印尼, Cambodia 柬埔寨, Myanmar 缅甸, Brunei 文莱, Philippine 菲律宾, Vietnam 越南,Laos 老挝 Some of these countries listed in Chinese. Hi, I have a Weibo account for years but haven't used it for some time. Or pick anther timezone to try again. Before you set up a new account, you need to know that there are 2 different types of accounts on Weibo: personal accounts and company accounts, and both types can be additionally verified. When I used my email address, I was able to use my password to proceed to the next step. But remember, for the verification step of the process, you need to provide your company’s business license. Is Weibo dead, dying, or is it actually secretly striving? Modi was among a handful of foreign leaders with a Weibo account. We've bumped into the issue as well, and reported it. All it takes is some additional paperwork. It works both for companies with foreign and Chinese business licenses, and it will also allow you to advertise on Weibo. You can register a regular account and later verify it with your company business license. Weibo account which can increase the rate of seen by right potential consumers and draw them to the effective followers of company. A personal account is only for individuals. We recommend Weibo to companies that want to increase their brand’s visibility, especially for consumer brands, or companies that work in the travel industry, etc. Beijing based Shameless is the undisputed Queen of WeChat accounts for foreigners in China. In practice, it's more tricky. The new foreign ministry Weibo account was created a decade after the site, China’s equivalent of Twitter, launched in 2009. Can a Chinese company register a Weibo verified account for more than one foreign companies? The “Pinned post” is similar to the feature seen on Facebook and Linkedin accounts. Posted by 5 days ago. Don’t forget to sign in your Weibo account. Improve brand recognition and brand loyalty for your company; Build a dedicated following and let them stay in touch with your latest updates; Gain valuable insights from potential clients who are interested in your brand or products; Increase enquiries and sales, both online and offline; Improve customer service and social engagement; Increase exposure and build a following by advertising based on demographics and interests, or target the followers of influencers and competitors. And, is it the personal and verified account have the similar process in modifying it's email address? Because it’s been selected when you select the location (Region). Ensure that you are very familiar with the laws and customs in your area before posting anything on Vibo. I'd like to create a Weibo company account in order to be viewable in China. For companies that are completely new in China, you should register a new foreign business account. Hi i cant get a verification code and if its the bug problem what sld i do ?? Is there any way to help foreigners register for a Weibo account? If you are a business, a corporation, or an organization, you can establish your presence on Weibo as well through a corporate Weibo account. However, on Weibo's website where I enter the login information. I'm from the Philippines, i would like to know if there are ways to change the email address used in account creation for Weiboo. A: Sina Hong Kong and Sina in mainland China are totally identical, and your account will be accessible and visible to users both on the mainland and outside of China. In addition, I was unable to get to the Sino website by scanning the QR code by using WeChat and another scanning app. We also recommend submitting your trademark license during the advertising application process. Is there anyway i can get some help? The registration process is now similar to that used by a Chinese company. Q: Will a Hong Kong-based business license work the same as a mainland business license? I have a feeling that my Weibo acc is not set up all the way after being able to login using WeChat....I have the app in English but most of the app is still in CHINESE (including account settings). 401. I registered with my phone number and Weibo did not send a verification code. In both cases , having a verified account is the best practice. After you choose the type of account that is most suitable for you, let’s make sure you have it verified. This helps you reach your target audience during their leisure time. If this is the case, you may want to consider running limited-time advertising campaigns, or promoting your account through Key Opinion Leaders (influencers). Users need a place to discuss their opinions (mostly dissatisfaction), and Weibo gives them this opportunity. A personal account is only for individuals. We ran an advertising campaign on Weibo for Maersk Line, and in our first two months we received 9K followers and daily enquiries related to hiring. Please, if you tried #1 or #2, let us know if it worked for you! I use a mobile in the USA. Foreign companies can verify an account on Weibo with their foreign business entity. Do this at your own risk. So, before promoting your business in China, you need to create a Weibo account from outside of China. It refers to a post that always stays on top, with any recent updates appearing below. Learn how we work and meet the key team members. How to find WeChat ID and Change WeChat ID? Only through verification, will your customers and fans know right away which account is the real one. Others include Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, Justin Trudeau of Canada, and Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela.

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